Raise the Rates

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday October 10th

Time: 6pm – free food and refreshments
6:30pm – Town Hall meeting

Location: Jubilee Centre
195 Applegrove St. Applegrove is one street south of Elm at Lorne (behind the Court House).
This is a wheelchair accessible location.Join the discussion at the Sudbury Anti-Poverty Town Hall Meeting

Fight the cut to Community Start-Up!
Raise OW/ODSP Rates Now!
Raise Minimum Wage Rates Now!

Since the Mike Harris cuts of the 1990’s people on Ontario Works and ODSP have seen the spending power on their cheques fall by close to 60%. This year’s Provincial Budget continued the rapid decline with rates that don’t even keep up with inflation. Following the previous gutting of the vital Special Diet benefit, this year’s Budget also brought a series of cutbacks for people on social assistance including the elimination of a benefit known as ‘Community Start-Up’. This vital benefit is planned to be cut in January 2013.

The Liberal government froze the minimum wage in 2011. Workers trying to survive on a minimum wage are already making poverty wages and are seeing their incomes fall even further as a result of inflation and this freeze. Currently close to 1 in 6 workers in Ontario are working at or close to the minimum wage rate.

We are fighting this cut and demanding raises in social assistance and minimum wage rates to where people can live with health and dignity. Join us to talk about ways we can fight back together.

Contact: Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty // sudburyCAP@gmail.com // 249-878-7227
Also contact us for information on childcare and transportation subsidization.

Speakers include: John Clarke of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, Carrie Lynn Poole from CUPE-Ontario and Elizabeth Richer from Mamaweswen, The North Shore Tribal Council.

Sponsors: The Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty, The Sudbury and District Labour Council, the Sudbury CUPE Council, Mamaweswen, The North Shore Tribal Council, The Research Centre in Social Justice and Policy and the Poverty, Homelessness and Migration Research Project, the Labour Studies Program, and the Graduate Students’ Association at Laurentian University, The Sudbury Worker’s Education and Advocacy Centre, and The Sudbury Action Centre for Youth.

These Town Hall Meetings are organized across the province by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty and CUPE-Ontario.