A Show of Compassion for Leamington Heinz Workers & Farmers

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

tomato being squahed
I suggest that on November 30th, after Leamington’s Santa Parade, that the entire municipality and its surrounding communities show up outside of Heinz for a candlelight protest to the closing of this local industry and the harm it will cause our Essex County community. I assume the parade takes two and a half hours. Therefore, 9:30 P.M. On November 30th might be a good time to make a public statement of compassion for Heinz workers, farmers and our community’s disgust for corporate greed. It’s just a thought, but a show of solidarity in the streets by Leamington and Essex county residents might be an appropriate action. I’ll be there with my candle or flashlight in the cold, will you?

In compassion, Karen Andersen Miller, a concerned Leamington resident.

PS. What I’d like to see is residents coming out and taking this situation to the streets. A show of public concern that the greater community truly cares about what happens to local industry and the economy would make a dynamic statement. Today a friend or neighbor loses their job, but tomorrow it might be you. In addition, the economic fall out from this will hugely effect our whole county.