Rosa Luxemburg’s “Reform or Revolution” discussion

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Discussion hosted by Socialist Fightback @ UofT/Ryerson

Thu. Jan. 30 @ 6:00pm
E.J. Pratt Library, room 202 (2nd floor)
71 Queen’s Park Cr. E.
(Near Museum subway station)


Near the close of the 19th century, the Social-Democratic politician Eduard Bernstein put forward the idea of “evolutionary socialism.” This was the belief that socialism, i.e. a classless society which can provide an abundance for everybody, can be achieved through reforming capitalism from within. To answer this opportunistic revision of Marxist theory, Rosa Luxemburg wrote “Reform or Revolution” in 1900, in defence of the genuinely Marxist position on the necessity of revolution and the role played by reforms in this struggle. Since the tendency which gave rise to Bernstein’s theorization is still alive today on the left, Luxemburg’s text remains a vital resource for those who wish to better understand the theoretical basis for the international proletarian revolution.

Come join us at EJ Pratt Library this THURSDAY to discuss this fundamental question, along with others which have to do with it and are connected to the revolutionary views and perspectives of Rosa Luxemburg. We will be meeting at 6pm in room 202, on the second floor of the building. We will also go out to a local pub afterwards to continue the discussions.

Reform or Revolution – Rosa Luxemburg
“Ninety years after the murder of Rosa Luxemburg: Lessons of the life of a revolutionary” – Patrick Larsen

To purchase a copy of the text ($4), or for directions/questions/etc., call Noah at 416-200-1807