Join 25in5 in Calling for Poverty Reduction in the 2013 Budget – Send a Message to Party Leaders Today!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ontario is facing an historic opportunity to invest in poverty reduction in the 2013 budget.
We can’t let this opportunity to pass us by.

The 2013 Budget can allow Ontarians living on low-incomes to Earn More, Keep More and see benefits Restored. A recent letter sent by the 25in5 Network for Poverty Reduction urges all political parties to make minority government work for all Ontarians by investing in poverty reduction initiatives.Take Action to show your support for poverty reduction in the upcoming budget by signing the letter at this link:

Our campaign and letter calls for the Ontario government to allow people to:

Earn More: Raise the minimum wage to $11.50/hr. Allow people on social assistance to keep $200 of any earned income before clawbacks.

Keep More: Raise the asset limits so people applying for social assistance don’t have to impoverish themselves before they can receive help. Allow single parents to keep 50% of their child support when on social assistance.

Restore Benefits: Increase the Ontario Child Benefit to $1,310/year. Raise social assistance rates, starting with $100/month increase for single adults on Ontario Works.

Get more info and sign the petition urging government to take strong action against poverty in this budget. Visit Share the infographics on your Facebook and twitter and share the online petition widely!

Removing barriers to exiting poverty in Ontario means allowing low-income Ontarians to Earn More, Keep More and see benefits Restored! Raise your voice and take action today!