Inclusive zoning: Vancouver’s done it, can Toronto be next?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Last week, amid the shouting and crying that marked the dying days of the provincial election campaign, Toronto’s city council did a good thing. It approved 80 units of affordable housing set aside for artists in a new 15-story condo development planned for the East Bayfront community. This decision is in line with the in-development neighbourhood’s zoning plan, which mandates that 20 per cent of new housing should be affordable. The deal—between the city, the private non-profit Artscape, and the condo developers—is the kind we desperately need in Toronto, where housing affordability is a serious crisis for many and the waiting list for subsidized units is approaching 100,000 families.

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Here’s how not to do inclusive zoning. Zoning, yes. Inclusive, no: HERE