Fight Back Toronto

Monday, January 20, 2014

Presented by Socialist Fightback @ UofT and Ryerson

Thu. Jan. 23 @ 7:00pm
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), room 12-274
252 Bloor St. W. (at St. George subway station)


Despite the continuous attempts by capitalists and their lackeys to smear the ideas of communism and the figure of Marx, the workers and oppressed of the world continue to seek out and (re)discover the ideas of Marxism. Through asking questions such as “What does the idea of communism entail?” and “Why is Marx still so controversial today?”, the thoughts and perspectives of the critical Left are finding an ever-growing audience amongst the masses. We should not be surprised to learn, for example, that The Communist Manifesto – which the ruling class, using the media apparatus, assures us is “irrelevant” today – has become the second best-selling book of all-time. A spectre haunts us indeed!

Come out this THURSDAY to the 12th floor of OISE to discuss the Communist Manifesto and its relevance today. We will consider these questions and many more, so bring your own thoughts and concerns to share with the group. We will also go out to a local pub after to continue the discussions.

Contact 416-200-1807 for inquires/directions/etc., or for copies of the text for purchase. The Manifesto can also be found online:

Presented by Socialist Fightback @ YorkU

Thu. Jan. 23 @ 6:00pm
Accolade West Building, room ACW 209
York University (Keele campus)


There have been countless revolutionary movements over the past 200 years that have challenged the capitalist system. We saw this occur in France, Italy, Portugal, Sudan, Pakistan, South Africa, Spain and Iran to list but a few countries that have erupted in revolution during the past few decades. To this we can add the ongoing or developing revolutionary struggles in Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Venezuela and Brazil.

The vast majority, unfortunately, have been unable to eliminate the rule of the capitalist class and to bring about a socialist society. Why has this been the case? What is the major obstacle in the way of completing a successful transformation of society?

These discussions are relevant to us in North America, where tensions are rising between working people and the rich as a result of inequality, poverty, debt and unemployment.

What is the purpose and role of revolutionary organization? How do we ensure that the mistakes of the past are not repeated?

Join us at York University this Thursday as we discuss and debate these questions. All are welcome.

Jahan: 647-448-0980
Christine: 647-638-6470
Farshad: 647-204-5312