12 Days of Action to Stop Wage Theft

Friday, December 14, 2012

This holiday season we need you to take action to stop wage theft.

Email Minister of Labour Linda Jeffrey and let her know what wage theft means to you this holiday season.

We know that lots of families are struggling to pay the bills at this time of year. No one can afford missed payments of wages, bounced cheques or to not get paid for public holidays this season. But in Ontario at least 1 in 3 low wage workers face unpaid wages. The economic hardship caused by wage theft has a huge impact on our families, our health and our lives. Workers and their families are facing mounting debt, increased poverty and trying to cope with the stress of financial instability.

Beginning December 7th, 2012 we will profile 12 stories highlighting wage theft. We need your help. Please join us every day – we only need a minute or two of your time. Take action to send a strong message to our government representatives this holiday season that they need to stand up for stronger protections for workers in Ontario. Let’s start 2013 with a strong commitment to stopping wage theft!

Find out more at: http://www.workersactioncentre.org/