Women and Trans Day of Action: Stop the Cut to Community Start Up!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

To mark the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women –
Women and Trans Day of Action: STOP THE CUT TO COMMUNITY START-UP!

Friday, November 23rd
Ontario Women’s Directorate (777 Bay St.)
Meet at the SE corner of Bay and College St, Toronto

*Lunch and Coffee
*Child Friendly
*Tokens Available
*Bring Banners and Signs!

On Friday, November 23rd at 11am, anti-poverty, anti-violence against
women groups and our allies will rally in front of the Ontario Women’s
Directorate offices to demand that this government stop the cut to the
Community Start-up and Maintenance Benefit (CSUMB) and instead Raise
the Rates of Social Assistance so that people can live with health and

This takes place as the Ontario government and the ‘Minister
Responsible for Women’s Issues’, Laurel Broten, claim to be
recognizing the month of November as ‘Woman Abuse Prevention’ month
with November 25th marking the ‘International Day for the Elimination
of Violence Against Women’. We will gather to protest a government
that is making life much more dangerous for women and trans-people in
this province.

This year’s Ontario budget included a cut to a vital Social Assistance
benefit known as Community Start-Up and Maintenance (CSUMB). The CSUMB
is the only government benefit available to people on assistance
transitioning out of a shelter or institution, or trying to get new
housing. These cuts will force some women and children experiencing
violence in this province to choose between possible homelessness and
staying in a dangerous environment.

Social Assistance (OW and ODSP) rates in the province are already
impossible to survive on. People are too often forced to choose
between the basic necessities of housing or food and face the daily
indignities and violence of poverty. Last year the government gutted
the Special Diet Allowance which let people put food on the table, now
this government is cutting a benefit that lets people get housed. We
call on all Women and Trans folks to join us in fighting back against
this cut!

More info on CSUMB:

-$799 for a single person, $1500 for an adult with children. Available
every two years, unless in an ‘exceptional circumstance’ (violence,
bed bugs or other disaster)
-This benefit is also used to buy basic items for your home like a
bed, pots and pans, curtains, etc
-The cut to CSUMB comes in to effect on January 1st, 2013
-If you want to see how to apply for the benefit, please go to
www.ocap.ca or call: 416-925-6939

Organizers and Endorsements:
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, Ontario Association of Interval and
Transitional Houses, Sistering, Assaulted Women and Children
Counselor/Advocate Program at George Brown College, Bread and Bricks
Social Justice Group, Women Speak Out, and more!

To get involved contact: ocap@tao.ca or 416-925-6939