Housing Cuts

Friday, August 24, 2012

The cut to the community start up is going to affect a lot of people negatively. With already low rates of social assistance, if unforeseen events occur people are going to be out in the cold. It could really jeopardize them having shelter. If someone’s unit is destroyed because of natural events they won’t have this resource; if people become incapacitated and need adaptive furniture there will be no help; if there is an infestation and they need to replace their furniture and clothing because of bed bugs this will be unavailable; people transitioning from rehabilitation or mental institutions into a unit will not have help in moving or getting started. I am on ODSP and with the already low rates, this is a vital service that without which I may not be able to move. The government needs to take a more balanced approach to this, and realize the affect that this has on people’s lives. ACORN member Blaine Cameron